Latest Photoshop update brings new AI-powered Select Subject feature

Selecting a subject is the bane of any creative individual's life. The amount of precious time wasted continuously clicking the Pen Tool or perfecting a magic wand selection is not worth thinking about.

Adobe knows this, so has just released an exciting new update for its Photoshop software that not only brings a simple one-click 'Select Subject' solution, but also now supports Windows High-Density monitors for an improved user experience.

Photoshop 19.1, which is available for Creative Cloud users this month, harnesses the power of Adobe Sensei, the company's artificial intelligence technology, to automatically select prominent subjects in the image with one click.

It aims to ease the use of the Pen Tool, or other selection methods, and speed up the initial process by using machine learning to automatically pick out the prominent subject with a single click.

The selection can then be refined using more traditional methods, such as removing part of the Select Subject with Subtract From Selection tool, but it is designed to make that first selection much quicker and simpler.

Windows High-Density support

In addition to speeding up the workflow, the latest version of Photoshop also plays nicely with Windows High-density (HiDPI) displays, something users have been wanting for a long time.

Photoshop managed to take advantage of Apple’s pixel doubling technology and was able to support a 200% scale factor on Retina displays back in 2012, but Windows users have had to be patient.

Now, Photoshop on Windows 10 Creator’s Edition offers a full range of choices for UI scale factors from 100% through 400%, in 25% increments.

It will also automatically adjust itself based on the Windows settings, making it simple to set up and easy to switch between high definition laptops and more basic desktop monitors, for example.

There's more good news for Microsoft Surface owners, as brush settings can be adjusted while painting using the Microsoft Surface Dial.

Creative Cloud users simply have to keep an eye on their control panel and wait for the update to be available.

Leon Poultney

Leon has been navigating a world where automotive and tech collide for almost 20 years, reporting on everything from in-car entertainment to robotised manufacturing plants. Currently, EVs are the focus of his attentions, but give it a few years and it will be electric vertical take-off and landing craft. Outside of work hours, he can be found tinkering with distinctly analogue motorcycles, because electric motors are no replacement for an old Honda inline four.