Is this Nokia's next big phone?

We’ve already had the Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 this year, but there are rumors of a Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 too, and one of them might have just been shown off in a glossy video.

Posted to Vimeo by art director George Chevalier Lewis, the video is titled ‘Nokia Reveal Film’ and looks like it’s probably an official promotional film – albeit one that probably shouldn’t be out in the wild yet.

Alongside the three existing Nokia smartphones a fourth is shown off, and this one has a dual-lens camera – which both the Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 are rumored to have.

Otherwise, it looks somewhat similar to the Nokia 6, with a likely metal build, shown here in a glossy purple, and back and recent keys below the screen.

Small body, big screen

Interestingly though it looks like there might not be a physical home button, and the overall dimensions of the handset appear slightly smaller than the Nokia 6. Whether that means this phone will have a smaller screen than that 5.5-incher, or whether it’s just packed into a smaller frame, is unclear.

If this is the Nokia 9 then rumors elsewhere suggest the screen will be the same size, but with a sharper QHD resolution, while the dual-lens camera is rumored to be 22MP.

How true any of that actually is remains to be seen, but the 25 November date on the lock screen in this video could mean that’s when the phone will launch – especially as earlier rumors suggested you might not be able to buy the Nokia 9 until late in the year.

Then again, the same date is shown on the already-announced handsets, and it says that’s a Sunday, which it’s not this year, so we wouldn’t put too much faith in it.

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James Rogerson

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