iPhone X eBay price: here’s the ridiculously marked-up cost

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The iPhone X is inbound, with pre-orders having finally gone live. But, anyone who didn't order quickly may be on the tail end of a decent wait for the iPhone X supply to meet the demand, unless they turn to eBay. 

As with many supply shortages of popular items, online re-sellers are offering the iPhone X for sale, but they're also showing what high demand and low supply does to price.

On eBay, the iPhone X can easily be found for over $1,999, with that price applied even to the 64GB model. For reference, the base 64GB iPhone X has a retail price of $999.

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Some sellers offer a "Buy It Now" option for the phone, and these range in price from one iPhone X listing for $1,380 (opens in new tab) on the lower end to $3,499 for a 256GB iPhone X (opens in new tab) on the higher end.

Offers for the iPhone X vary in storage size, color, a network compatibility, but they're invariably marked up. The trending price eBay notes it $1,699, but taking the average of the "Buy It Now" prices for 39 iPhone X listings on the first page of eBay search results, we found an average price of $2,070.

Other options?

Patient shoppers can still put in orders for the iPhone X at Apple's site. But there's not much hope turning elsewhere. Amazon's iPhone X listings (opens in new tab) are equally abysmal to eBay's.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are going to be a lot easier to find for their proper retail price right about now.

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