iPhone 11 'Cyclops' rear camera rumor gets another boost

Apple may change the design for the rear cameras on the iPhone 11, with a shift to the center for the sensors.

That's according to sources who spoke with CompareRaja, apparently confirming previous rumors that Apple will move the rear cameras of the iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI, or whatever it will be called) to the center at the top of the handset.

This would be the first time Apple has shifted the position of the rear camera on an iPhone, with the snapper having always been located in the top left of the device since the original iPhone back in 2007.

Such a major design change would be surprising, as Apple tends to keep the general layout of its phones the same, although we've seen the shift away from the home button and the inclusion of the notch in recent years, so this latest iPhone 11 leak is still possible.

Another new feature for the iPhone 11 would be the triple-camera setup mentioned in this leak, and in many previous rumors as well, as Apple looks to challenge the likes of the Samsung S10 and Huawei P30.

The leaked designs for this rumored setup can be seen below and have prompted some to dub it 'the cyclops'.

This could be what the iPhone 11 looks like (credit: CompareRaja)

This could be what the iPhone 11 looks like (credit: CompareRaja)

New color incoming too

The same source also claims that the iPhone 11 will arrive in four color variants, with the standard space grey, gold and silver joined by a new blue shade.

It's also claimed that the iPhone 11 will share the same screen as the iPhone XS, but will have even thinner bezels and won't support 5G. 

A slightly more surprising revelation is the claim that the new iPhone will also pack a 4,000mAh battery, which would be far larger than anything Apple has ever put into one of its phones.

We'd take all these rumors with a large pinch of salt though, as we can't verify the source and the claims are very bold to all be true.

Via PhoneArena

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