Yahoo Mail turns sweet 16, gets swanky new look

New Yahoo Mail
The new YahooOOoo Mail on your tablet

Yahoo Mail is celebrating its sweet 16 in a big way by giving the world a new present.

The yodeling company announced today that a brand new Yahoo Mail interface is rolling out for web mail plus Windows, Android and iOS mobile devices.

Users in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Philippines, Malaysia, India, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa can start using the desktop version today with more countries being added in later, though the mobile apps are currently globally available to try out.

Yahoo claims the system is more efficient and elegant in its new abilities to streamline the mail experience and there's no doubt its hoping to win over some Gmail users.

More than a pretty interface

Along with a clean, new look, Yahoo Mail is also adding in more features.

New Yahoo Mail

Look a little familiar to you?

Web mail will see new choices or "quick actions" when hovering over (or selecting) a message, like a quick search to see all the emails from one person. Additionally, "conversations" will allow grouped email threads.

Taking cues from Flickr, Yahoo is also offering 1TB of storage along with disposable email addresses, up to 200 more filters and more. These features were only previously available to Mail Plus subscribers but are now free.

Flickr pops up again as Yahoo's go-to for backdrop photo themes that will be synced across your devices.