Xbox Music arrives on iOS and Android, free web streaming for all

Xbox Music arrives on iOS and Android, free web streaming for all
All the devices. All of them

Microsoft's Xbox Music streaming service is smashing past Windows and hitting iOS and Android, with apps now available to download on rival-powered devices.

The service is moving into a position in which it can go head to head with the likes of Spotify and Pandora, although its promise of support for other devices has taken its time to come to fruition.

But on top of this, the service is now offering free streaming via its Web Player so anyone with a browser can access around 30 million tracks.

Zune Zune Zune

You'll be limited in how much you can listen but can opt for all-you-can-eat by paying a subscription. In order to use the apps on iOS and Android, meanwhile, you'll need an Xbox Music Pass.

Microsoft says the service is more comprehensive than its rivals. It aims to bring all of the best of Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and Amazon together to make it easier to stream and download all your music in one place.

Microsoft's streaming service, an overhaul of Zune Music, made its debut in October 2012 and has taken its time to get into the public eye.

But as we sit just hours from the iTunes Radio rollout, Microsoft is jumping up and down with its hands in the air to make sure we know it's a significant player in the battle for our ears.

Hugh Langley

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