Facebook denies it has abandoned Home

Facebook denies it has abandoned Home
Most Android users are Home-less

Facebook has moved to deny reports it has all-but-abandoned the much-lauded Facebook Home suite for Android smartphones.

A New York Times report said the social network had 'disbanded' the team of engineers responsible for building the custom skin, which allows users easier access to status updates, photos, messages and more.

The software, which effectively turns Android devices into a 'Facebook phone,' has experienced little success among users and virtually no critical acclaim since its high profile launch event back in April 2013.

The NYT said members of the team have now been moved to other projects like the new, Snapchat-a-like Facebook Slingshot app, while Facebook Home features like Chat Heads have gravitated to the main app.

Casting the net wider

However, following the report, Facebook told The Verge claiming that work on Home, remains ongoing, despite the absence of any sort of update since January.

All-in-all though, Facebook seems much more focused on pushing its standalone applications and services, rather than turning handsets into Facebook-only phones.

Instagram is now firmly in the Facebook camp, WhatsApp is now under its wing, Facebook Messenger is being pushed heavily, while Slingshot also recently joined the fray.

With regards to Facebook Home. Well, if a tree falls in the woods and no-one is around to hear it, does it really make a sound?

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