Vivid launches adult video channel for Google TV

Google TV
Google TV opens the floodgates for porn

Adult video producer Vivid Entertainment has announced plans to bring a channel to the UK-bound Google TV platform.

The porn purveyor is boasting that it's the first TV-based app that'll make sexually explicit content available through Google TV, which has struggled to offer in-demand content since its launch.

Google responded with a statement indicating that it'll allow the app to be a part of the platform and will rely on the parental controls to keep adult content away from children.

Stand-alone internet-TV channel

A Vivid spokesman said that all of its top content will be available for the channel (including XXX parodies and educational videos) and the company hopes to expand to more connected TV platforms soon.

Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch says: "[Google TV] "is a central part of our making Vivid available everywhere concept, which gives fans unified access to our content through their personal computers, mobile devices, tablets, television sets and DVD players."

"We spent more than a year developing a code base for a robust, stand-alone Internet-TV channel with a friendly interface for the consumer that can be used with the current Google TV technology and other Internet protocol presentation methods now in development."

Google embracing porn?

Google responded with a statement to the LA Times Technology blog opening the door for more adult entertainment saying it'll put parents in charge of deciding what is and isn't visible.

"We will respect the parental controls of devices connected to Google TV," the statement read.

"So if you have controls set up through your set-top box or through a V-Chip, those controls will continue to work for TV content shown through Google TV.

"Users will also be able to implement Safe Search on the Google TV browser (Chrome), and the Safe Search setting will extend to Internet content shown in Google TV search results.

"In addition, users will have the ability to lock out access to the browser on Google TV through a 4-digit PIN code for access control."

Could porn save Google TV from obscurity? Apple of course has a no-sex policy akin to a monastery so there's definitely an opening for Google to offer in-demand content from adult TV providers.

Via: LA TImes

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