Twitter: 40% of tweets are made on mobiles

Twitter - the portable companion
Twitter - the portable companion

Dick Costolo, the recently instated CEO of Twitter, used CES 2011 to talk about how folks are using Twitter, and revealed that the site's mobile strategy is booming.

According to Costolo, four tenths of all Twitter use is now from smartphones and other mobile devices, saying: "40 per cent of all tweets created on mobile devices. That might seem low, but it was 25 per cent a year ago.

"50 per cent of active users are also active on mobile."

Regardless of how users are consuming Twitter, Costolo did explain that he wanted Twitter to be "platform agnostic" and "the important thing for [Twitter] is consistency across device to device to device."


The speed at which Twitter is growing is well documented and with this speed has come a lot of investment in new jobs.

Costolo said in his talk that around 350 staff were hired in 2010, with 100 of these arriving in Q4 of the year.

As for the way Twitter is making money, nothing groundbreaking was revealed other than engagement rates for the small amount of advertising on Twitter is "ridiculously high".

Although Twitter use is rising in the UK, there are some parts of Europe that aren't quite taken with the service.

One that was cited by Twitter was Germany. The reason: the country's words are too big for the service.

We've no idea what he means as you can easily type Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft and have a whole 60 characters left over.

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