SeeSaw launches with 3,000 hours' VoD content

SeeSaw - see what they did there?
SeeSaw - see what they did there?

SeeSaw, the video-on-demand service which has risen from the ashes of Project Kangaroo, is launching today with over 3,000 hours' content available to viewers for free.

The service brings in programmes from Channel 4 and Channel Five and also is the base for some archived BBC Worldwide content.

Although ITV isn't part of SeeSaw, you will be able to get some archived programmes from the channel thanks to deals with independent producers.

Shows on demand

The shows, er, on show range from premium programmes (Doctor Who), adult drama (Red Riding) to comedy (Eurotrash and Green Wing).

There's a limited amount of adverts on the service but you will still have to sit through some pre-roll and mid-roll adverts.

There is also a parental lock on board, for those who have children or adults who don't like swear words.

"What you see today is the tip of the iceberg. Our thirst for great content will further enhance the appeal of SeeSaw to British audiences in the months ahead, ensuring viewers will come back again and again," said John Keeling, Platform Controller of SeeSaw.

Kangaroo jump

SeeSaw's assets were originally part of Project Kangaroo, the video-on-demand project from Arqiva which was meant to be an online hub for UK VoD content – including BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

This was blocked by the Competition Commission and morphed into SeeSaw, a place that has limited access to ITV's assets but includes Channel Five shows.

The beta of the service launched in January and was invite only but now the SeeSaw beta is open to all.

If you want to SeeSaw, log on now to

Via the Guardian

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