Liverpool is Google's top-ranked football team

Liverpool tops Google ranks
Liverpool tops Google ranks

Fans of Liverpool FC rejoice, as your team is now officially the top of Google's most-searched for football teams.

To be top, you need to have a significant amount of hits and Liverpool managed to garner an amazing 16 million in the last month alone.

Its nearest rival, Chelsea, could only manage 13 million – proving that Abramovich's billions can't buy them everything.

The teams battling against Google relegation are: Hull City with 450 thousand hits, Stoke City 300 thousand searches, and a lowly Bolton Wanderers with a mere 250 thousand looks.

Google Claret-y

Fans of Burnley who should be celebrating too, as their team has seen a 5,000 per cent increase in searches for season tickets. It's not known what percentage of these baulked at the price and decided just to watch their team on Sky instead.

Dig a little deeper with regards to Burnley's web popularity and it might have something to do with the football club's Chairmen back in May offering free season tickets if the club were promoted.

If you want to see which players are the most popular, according to Google, then point your browser over to the Sun's website, where the paper has created its own fantasy football line-up out of Google's big-hitters.

When it comes to the WAGs, it seems that Ashley Cole's wife Cheryl Cole is favourite on Google, beating the likes of Victoria Beckham and Coleen Rooney to the top spot.

Via The Sun

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