ISP pulls plug on pirates with no warning

ISP Karoo comes under fire for disconnecting customers in Hull with no warning

Web users in Hull are being cut off from the internet with no warning if suspected of illegal file-sharing.

Karoo is the only ISP in the Hull area and has been cutting off a number of customers that it claims have been sharing copyrighted material over the internet.

The BBC reports that Karoo, "makes customers sign a document promising not to repeat the offence in order to get their service restored."

Digital Rights

Digital rights groups are, understandably, up in arms about the ISP's "surprisingly severe" policy, particularly following the recent Digital Britain report which claimed disconnecting suspected internet pirates was not the government's "preferred option".

Karoo spokesperson Nick Thompson told the Beeb: "I think it's the responsible approach, because we are protecting people from illegal activity. There are no benefits for us. In fact, when we cut off customers we're actually reacting against our own interests because we don't charge customers for that period when the service is suspended."

The Open Rights Group's Jim Killock vehemently disagrees, noting that: "It's totally unfair to disconnect people without giving them any warning at all. In fact, disconnection is something that should only even possibly be considered as a result of court action."