DivX 7 launches with enhanced HD support

New DivX 7 for Windows offers better surround sound audio and high definition video support

DivX has announced the latest version of DivX 7, featuring enhanced support for high definition video output and surround sound audio.

"The new release of the popular video software is based on the cutting-edge H.264 video compression standard, which allows for high-performance, high-quality digital video at up to 1080p HD resolution," the company's press release informs us.

The software is available in two versions, the free DivX for Windows download which supports DivX video playback, and the DivX Pro for Windows download which enables DivX video creation.

The current download gives you a 15-day trial of DivX Converter and DivX Pro Codec, after which you'll have to reach for the credit card if you want to continue using them.

Download right now!

The release continues: "The DivX Player offers free support for H.264 files that use the popular .mkv file extension. The DivX Converter, which is available in the DivX Pro package or as a 15-day free trial in the free DivX for Windows download, enables easy one-step conversion of digital video files into the new DivX Plus format, which is based on H.264 video and the high-quality AAC audio format."

Check it out. Remember to set your DivX Player to be your default player for high def .MKV files

Version 7 of DivX for Windows, is available for download on the company's newly redesigned website at www.divx.com.