Google Play adds movie purchases, magazines, TV

Google Play
Google Play gets much-needed updates

Google kicked off its IO 2012 developer conference on Wednesday with a plethora of updates, including welcome additions to the Google Play store for purchasing movies, television shows and magazine subscriptions.

In addition to millions of songs and the ability to bring your own music collection into the cloud, Google Play has beefed up its content offerings backed by heavyweights in the film, television and publishing industries.

While movie rentals have existed in Google Play for some time, the update announced Wednesday now offers the ability to purchase feature films in HD right from an Android-powered device.

More movies to 'play'

That includes the best and brightest Hollywood has to offer, with key partners who include Disney, Paramount and Sony Pictures as well as content providers like Focus Features, Starz and IFC Films.

Television shows are also a highlight, with networks such as NBC and cable channels like SyFy, USA and Sundance Channel offering individual episodes as well as entire seasons of your favorite shows.

Last but not least, Google Play now includes magazines, with 14-day free trials on popular titles and the ability to subscribe to content right from a phone or tablet.

Google IO 2012 also introduced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean along with Nexus 7, the company's seven-inch tablet built by Asus, and the Nexus Q media streamer.