Google launches Teach Parents Tech site

Google helps you to teach your parents top tech tips this Christmas

Every year many of us return home to the folks or the in-laws for the Christmas season, only to spend an inordinate amount of time explaining to techno-phobic parents and elderly relatives how to use the new tech and gadgets they've received from Santa.

Google understands your pain and, as such, is launching a series of sites called 'Teach Parents Tech' to offer straightforward and helpful basic tech advice, so you can get on with the important business of eating mince pies and playing videogames.

Teach tech tips to the olds

Google is set to launch its Teach Parents Tech series of public service videos shortly, but you might want to email your folks the YouTube link – providing that they know how to use YouTube that is (and the internet!).

Google has produced 54 how-to videos produced and hosted by Google employees, each of which runs for just under a minute.

Topics covered include such basics as "how to attach a file to an email" or "how to copy and paste" through to "how to find cheap flights."

So just wait till Christmas 2011, by which time your dad will be showing you how to hack Kinect to control the curtains…

Via teachparentstech