Google is testing search results in black - not blue - and people aren't happy


Type in a Google search query and what do you see? Tons of results, all in blue, right?

Well, for some users, that's changed over the last few days as it appears Google is A/B testing search results that are colored black instead.

Black Google search results

(Credit: Bobby_Bill/Google Search Help Forum)

The results have a newspaper look that, while clean, are upsetting some (read: all) users who are seeing the color swap.

The user whose screen grab you see above concluded a Google Search Help Forum query about changing the results back to blue by stating: "My eyes do hurt from this and I will consider using Firefox & Bing if there is no answer to this question."

Others say the black links look "terrible" and "horrible," with one Twitter users admonishing the search giant: "Bad Google."

This isn't the first time Google has tested out a change in its iconic colors: it infamously tested 41 shades of two different blues to arrive at the one we see today. It chose a purpleier version as it led to more clicks, which, in Google land, means more ad revenue.

Based on the feedback, I doubt Google will go through with tattooing its search results in black, especially if it's leading to a downturn in clicks. But you never know. Sometimes Google can get a little crazy.

Via The Telegraph

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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