Google, Facebook and Twitter ousted by 'you' in latest media power league

Google, Facebook and Twitter ousted by 'you' in latest media power league
Got a phone? Then you are a media winner

The Guardian's Media 100 is out today and Google's co-founder Larry Page is no longer the biggest player in the media: you are.

Well, you, me and everybody else on the internet are in at number one, as UK newspaper the Guardian believes that eye-witness accounts of the Boston Marathon bombings and the horrifying events in Woolwich, London prove that anyone with a cameraphone and access to Twitter can define the media landscape of today.

This is according to the panel of judges who noted: "The internet economy is bigger than education, healthcare or construction, growing faster than in any other country in the G20, and what drives that is consumers.

"Both as the audience and creators of content, it's all about people power."

Back in Time

The idea of having the general public win a leauge such as the Media 100 isn't a new one: Time pulled the same stunt off way back in 2006, when it crowned 'you' its person of the year in 2006.

Despite us topping the league tablet, the Guardian's list, as you would expect it is stuffed with tech luminaries. Alongside Larry Page at number 2, Twitter's Dick Costolo is in at number 4, Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg at 5, Apple's Tim Cook at 6 and Amazon's Jeff Bezos is in at number 7.

Netflix's Reed Hasting's is just outside the top 20 at 22 and Spotify's Daniel Ek and Yahoo's Melissa Myer are further down the league at 45 and 57 respectively.

Marc Chacksfield

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