Google: Cloud computing is fundamentally disruptive

Google - backing the cloud, obviously
Google - backing the cloud, obviously

Google's president of enterprise Dave Girouard has described cloud computing as 'fundamentally disruptive' to how things are done.

Speaking at the Amosphere cloud computing event, Girouard said that the arrival of cloud based services and storage "pushes buttons on people almost more than any other technology transition in history."

"I'm not sure there's ever been one that has this amount of strident discussion and debate because it is so fundamentally disruptive to how things are done," said Girouard.

"I think it's testament both to how big and disruptive this can and will be and of the many, many issues that need to be resolved before this really is all the way there."

Trust issues

Although Girouard was talking more about the business aspects of Google than the public facing services that are already proliferating, the potential for cloud computing is becoming clear.

One of the key discussions is around how much trust people are prepared to invest in keeping their data in the cloud, relying on a company to keep their data safe, private and available.

"Trust is the most central element of cloud computing I think," added Girouard.

"It's got to a point where this is the ultimate question…what you're really saying is can I trust others…? Can they protect my data? Can they deliver a mission critical service to me?

"It's a complicated question and its not one that's going to be answered."

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