Google builds 3D New York in Google Earth

Google writes virtual love letter to New York
Google writes virtual love letter to New York

Google has gone all Glee on us and created a mashup of it earth and Street View services, offering up a highly detailed 3D tour of New York.

A new demo – which is pretty stunning – shows off the 3D imagery which has been create by mapping imaged from Street View on to the sides of buildings.

This isn't the first time search behemoth has given a lifelike façade to a city. Late December, Google offered up 3D tours of Portland, Austin, Chicago and Philadelphia.

It is, however, the most impressive one TechRadar has seen so far.

Amazing improvement

There's no word if (knowing Google it will be more like when) this service will come to the UK, but we're hoping that London will get in on the 3D mapping action soon.

We are also hoping that Milton Keynes gets the treatment too – but that's just for our own amusement.

Google on its blog said about its virtual version of New Yoik: "The new imagery will be an amazing improvement to our already-stunning Video Wall and will help us to reach our goals in making New York City more accessible to visitors and residents alike.

"The detail at the street level makes it easier than ever to virtually experience our variety of cultural institutions, storefronts and residential and commercial buildings."

Don't believe them? Then check out the Spider-Man esque swooping of the video below.

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