GigJunkie goes from beta to live

GigJunkie live gigs site goes from beta to live this week
GigJunkie live gigs site goes from beta to live this week, the UK's specialist gig listings website and online service for hunting down those must-have concert tickets goes from beta to Live this week.

The devs at inform us that they have taken all of the beta testers feedback into account and have arrived at a much-improved new design and an enhanced user experience.

The site also features a bunch of new and improved features "all made possible through leading edge technology" and based on Microsoft's recently released MVC framework, which has "enabled GigJunkie to generate much better markup and a clean separation of concerns, and improve testability."

Open web standards and mash-ups

The Gigjunkie team informed TechRadar that they "are strong believers in the way of thinking, and have made use of Linq to NHibernate with Fluent to provide flexible data access, and Rhino Mocks, AutoFac and xUnit.Net for mocking, IoC and testing."

The team are also "passionate about open web standards, so the website is semantically coded and makes heavy use of microformats... the site also provides a very rich experience for users in the latest browsers that support Flash and JavaScript, but also works on older browsers, or for those who choose to have Flash or JavaScript disabled."

GigJunkie also uses a creative commons license, and hopes that the freely available-to-use data "will enable users to create great mashups."

And if all of that tech-talk above didn't mean much to you, all you really need to know is that the site is secure and that it works.

Go ahead and check it out for yourself now at

Adam Hartley