Facebook wants to add more news to your News Feed

The Facebook News Feed
Is the News Feed about to change?

It looks like Facebook wants to make your News Feed a lot more newsy, if recently leaked screenshots are to be believed: some US users have started seeing tabs for news categories like Sports and World News appear inside the official mobile apps.

Images posted by Tom Critchlow (@tomcritchlow) on Twitter were followed up by an official Facebook statement to Mashable: "People have told us they'd like options to see more stories on Facebook around specific topics they're interested in, so we have been testing a few feeds for people to view more and different stories from people and Pages based on topic areas," said a spokesperson.

It's worth remembering that Facebook trials new features and tweaks all the time, and this may not roll out to everyone if the early testers don't like it. Even so, it's a sign of how Mark Zuckerberg's social network juggernaut is adapting to changing user habits.

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While Facebook was awash with personal news and posts in the early days, those kind of intimate, diary-style posts have disappeared in recent years. People are now more likely to share personal stuff on apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

If that's the case then breaking news might be the way for Facebook to keep us all opening up the app on our phones - and of course that's an area where Twitter has traditionally excelled. Both platforms have a long history of borrowing features off each other and this could be the latest shift.

According to early testers, the original News Feed is still available, and you will be able to choose which news categories you see inside the app. We'll see if people find the feature compelling enough for Facebook to launch it fully.

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