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Dropbox sharing comes to Facebook Groups

Dropbox sharing comes to Facebook Groups
Notifications go out when a shared file is updated

Facebook and popular cloud storage service Dropbox have announced a new partnership, which will allow files to be shared easily between members of Facebook Groups.

The accord will let users instantly post uploaded notes, videos, schedules, or photos directly onto the Group's wall once the Facebook and Dropbox accounts are linked.

Group members will receive a notification whenever the shared file is edited and hence will always be able to view the newest version. Recipients will also be able to like and comment on a post as they normally would.

Naturally, files will need to be uploaded through one of the various Dropbox apps before they can be offered to the group.


In a post on its official blog, Dropbox engineer Chris Varenhorst wrote: "Today we're psyched to announce that you can share stuff from Dropbox right inside Facebook Groups!

"Now you can share notes with your study group, add the latest game schedule to your basketball team's group, or post a birthday video to your family's group at lightning speed from wherever you are."

Dropbox said the feature is gradually being rolled out from Wednesday on, so if you're not seeing it already, expect it to show up in the very near future.

With Dropbox offering plenty of free storage and detailed applications for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, this new arrangement certainly gives Group members an easier means of sharing the latest information.