Despite what you think, most people aren't binge-watching House of Cards

House of Cards

House of Cards' return for season 3 was highly anticipated across the world, but while some people chose to binge-watch, most actually haven't.

Since Netflix announced the release date for the show there have been some 784,112 tweets logged by social media experts Spredfast, a company that watches all forms of social media and works with broadcasters to get viewer tweets and Facebook comments on screen.

What's really interesting is that a relatively tiny number of people binge-watched the show in the first Weekend. Spredfast suggests that only 0.34% of people actually smashed through the whole series in one swoop.

Of that modest percentage of Netflix addicts, 11% said they finished Friday, 35% on Saturday and 54% on Sunday night. Even so, most people seem to enjoy savouring the show, and probably some of them have jobs and families that preclude them from watching 12 hours of TV in one sitting.

Most of the chatter happened in - drumroll please - Washington DC. Then New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and then London. No great surprises there, given the show's appeal to the politically interested in both the US and UK.

House of Cards is, without doubt, Netflix's biggest show at the moment. It's also technically interesting, as well as socially fascinating.

For one thing, the show is shot in 5K and with the same aspect ratio as Jurassic World has been made in. This allows for it to fit both TVs and cinema screens equally well. If you're a 4K TV owner then you'll no doubt be enjoying the show in superb quality.