Curzon unveils the first on-demand 'cinema'

Curzon - arthouse on demand
Curzon - arthouse on demand

Independent cinema specialist Curzon has revealed that it is bringing its movie ethos to the web, with the launch of Curzon On Demand.

Curzon has announced that it will be running its on-demand channel the same way it runs its cinemas, carefully selecting the right movies for the channel and even putting indie films it shows in its cinemas on the service as well.

In a release, it said about the on-demand launch: "Curzon On Demand uses the latest technology to deliver a cinema experience in the home or on the move.

"The site provides greater access to theatrically released films, giving audiences unable to visit cinemas the opportunity to see such films."

Watershed moment

The big bonus is – if you have a web service that can handle it – all of the movies will be shown in HD.

Skip Fidura, Managing Director of dotAgency who created the website for Curzon said: "The Curzon On Demand site represents a watershed moment in the way we consume online media. It's a bold move, underpinned by technology that really pushes the boundaries of what is possible online."

Films on the site are going for around £4.00 and you have a week to watch your purchase as many times as you want.

Curzon is also promising web-only movies and launches with Mathieu Amalric's burlesque comedy On Tour, winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes 2010, and British drama In Our Name – both available 10 December, at the same time as their theatrical releases.

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