Amazon's getting in on music streaming but only with golden oldies

Amazon's getting in on music streaming but only with golden oldies
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Forget the latest hits, Amazon's going after the greatest hits with its upcoming music streaming service.

Sources chatting to Buzzfeed claim that the rumours that Amazon plans to add music streaming to its Prime service are true.

Prime already offers Amazon Prime Instant Video, the Kindle lending library and inclusive express delivery for $99 a year (£79 in the UK).

But instead of going toe-to-toe with Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Beats and co, Amazon apparently plans to pick albums and tracks that are over six months old, choosing them based on its users' buying data.

There's this track called Get Lucky you might want to check out once it launches. Quite a catchy pop song.


The sources claim that Prime Music will work across your phone, tablet, computer and other devices, with "some offline capabilities" which doesn't sound as fully-functioning as Spotify's offline syncing, for example.

It sounds as though Amazon isn't looking to be your average Pitchfork reader's number one music streaming destination. Rather, it wants to lure the casual music listener into the Prime fold with the promise of other goodies besides.

  • Can anyone take on Spotify when the reigning monarch of music streaming just keeps getting better?
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