Intel’s Core i9-9900K flagship rumored to hit 5GHz boost out of the box


We’ve had some fresh leakage concerning Intel’s incoming 9th-generation processors (Coffee Lake Refresh), including the flagship Core i9-9900K, which will apparently be capable of boosting to 5GHz.

So first off, let’s state upfront that these CPU specs are only rumored details, so remember to treat them as such. They come from Coolaler, and they largely stack up with the speculation we’ve heard thus far, although there are some interesting differences.

First up, the leak provides the spec for the Core i9-9900K top-end 9th-gen offering, which will have eight cores and 16 threads as previously rumored. What we didn’t know was the clock speed, which will supposedly be 3.6GHz for the base clock, with boost to 5GHz as we mentioned at the outset.

Although note that like the recently released Core i7-8086K anniversary edition processor, that boost won’t apply across all cores – although rather than just a single-core affair, it will be good for two cores, at least according to this speculation. Boost across all cores will apparently reach 4.7GHz.

Core count

Taking a step down to the Core i7-9700K, we previously heard this would be a six-core offering with 12 threads, but according to this new leak, it’s an eight-core processor with eight threads. It will have a base clock of 3.6GHz, and boost to 4.9GHz (on a single core).

Finally, the leak provides the spec of the Core i5-9600K. As with previous rumours, this is supposedly a six-core CPU with six threads, clocked at 3.7GHz with boost to 4.6GHz (again, on a single core). All three processors are said to have a TDP of 95W.

On the motherboard front, these chips are designed for the new Z390, but allegedly they will also be compatible with existing Z370 boards.

No further light is shed on pricing or a possible launch date, although previous buzz on the processor grapevine has indicated that Intel could at least unveil the 9th-gen chips shortly – possibly as soon as the start of next month.


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