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Intel brings in new super-cheap Comet Lake CPUs alongside Core i9-10850K

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Intel’s Comet Lake range just got a new Core i9-10850K processor, an alternative to the 10-core flagship 10900K, but the chip giant has also quietly pushed out some new CPUs at the very lowest end of its 10th-gen desktop family.

As spotted by that ever-present source of hardware leaks and tips on Twitter, @momomo_us, Intel has unleashed some new budget Celeron chips which increase clock speeds slightly over the models they succeed.

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As you can see, the new Celerons are the G5925, G5905 and G5905T, which slot in above (and will presumably replace, eventually) the G5920, G5900 and G5900T respectively.

They remain dual-core (dual-thread) processors – these really are bargain basement affairs, of course – but increase clocks by 100MHz, and double up the on-board cache from 2MB to 4MB.

Interestingly, Intel has decided to keep the price the same – at $42 (around £32, AU$59), or $52 (around £40, AU$72), for the G5920/G5925 – so these are effectively a small performance bump at no extra cost at the true budget end of Comet Lake.

Deployment plan

As Tom’s Hardware (opens in new tab), which spotted the above tweet, points out, it could well be the case that Intel is planning to phase out the current models for these new Celerons (or alternatively, it could continue to offer both sets of chips – although given how similar they are, and indeed identically priced, that doesn’t make as much sense to us).

As mentioned at the outset, the Core i9-10850K has also just been unleashed by Intel, which is pretty much identical to the existing Comet Lake flagship, just clocked a touch (100MHz) slower. It’s also a cheaper 10-core CPU, although not by as much as some rumors had suggested.

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