Iceland online delivery: opening hours today and how to book a delivery slot

Iceland online food delivery
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If you’re after an Iceland online food delivery, you're in luck. Iceland is currently able to offer deliveries as early as tomorrow, with availability through to the end of the week in some places.

While it can be difficult for some supermarkets to offer delivery, Iceland seems undeterred. The shop is prioritising the elderly and vulnerable before other orders, but customers can still get home delivery. In London and Manchester, you could get an Iceland delivery as early as November 28. There aren't many slots, but there are slots for every day this week in most places.

If you want to order your grocery delivery from Iceland, we recommend checking the website regularly. Slots are available to see for the coming week – so make sure you enter your postcode first before you create an account and look for availability.

As of November 27, there's plenty of free slots this week to grab yourself a delivery for free if you spend over £35. As ever, availability at Iceland is decent and has been so throughout.

Iceland is prioritising those on the UK governments' official 'shielded' lists of the most vulnerable people, and its website reports it has made or will make direct contact by email with those who are already on the Iceland customer database to offer them priority shopping opportunities.

Iceland's Covid-19 shop measures

While the UK government and supermarkets are suggesting to people to visit shops for groceries as normal where possible, it's important you know the rules of heading into a store.

Just like many other supermarkets in the UK, you must maintain social distance while shopping in store and wearing a mask is mandatory by law unless you have an exemption. A full list of exemptions can be found on the Government website.

All staff members in Iceland have been fitted with face coverings and gloves to help ensure their own safety while working in these unprecedended times. Hand sanitiser stations have also been set up in some if not most Iceland stores.

Iceland, of course, will remain open during this newly-imposed lockdown and, since this situation is well-trodden ground for us in the UK, we can probably expect the whole lockdown to run a lot smoother in terms of getting our shopping without any hassle.

With this in mind, for those people who can't for whatever reason make it to their local store, Iceland is offering plenty of home delivery options nationwide.

Iceland opening hours 

Trading hours for some Iceland stores are more or less back to normal after the first lockdown. According to Iceland's website, opening hours will remain unchanged as we head towards the end of the year. If you're unsure, always visit the Store Locator to see what the situation is like near you.

Iceland has introduced contact-free delivery and online delivery slots are available up to six days in advance but, depending on your area, there are varying levels of availability. Online deliveries cannot be booked over the phone or email, either.


Iceland food delivery: slots available for the week

In London, Iceland is showing available slots through to December 3. It has remained relatively unchanged throughout lockdown and there's a chance you can get delivery for tomorrow, with plenty of options to get one later in the week - make sure you check out Iceland's website for availability. You can grab free next day delivery from Iceland when you spend £35, so fill your freezers up.

Image Register for coronavirus support if you’re vulnerable

If you're an elderly or vulnerable customer, make sure you're registered on the list of clinically extremely vulnerable people. Many supermarkets, including Iceland, are using this register to prioritise home delivery slots - so if you're eligible, you want to be on it. You can register yourself, or on behalf of someone else.

How to get an Iceland delivery slot

During the first lockdown, Iceland updated its delivery slots on Monday at 11 am. This was during the height of the pandemic earlier this year and it seems like the shop has stopped this and updates its website as and when there are available slots. Once you’ve signed up to Iceland online, the website shows which slots are free up to six days in advance.

If you manage to get a slot, which you shouldn't have too much trouble doing, then all you need to do then is pick the time and day you want your shopping to arrive.

As of November 27, Iceland is showing the same availability we've come to expect. London and Manchester have slots from tomorrow through to next week, while Bath, Portsmouth and Leeds have a smattering of delivery slots over the next few days, so there is still plenty of chance to snag a delivery this week.

While there might not be loads of slots for delivery, there has always been some available throughout the lockdown, seemingly never being unavailable.

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