Honor 10 will be a better gaming phone from July 30

The Honor 10 is already a powerful phone, but a new feature is set to make the gaming experience even better.

Dubbed ‘GPU Turbo’, it’s a new graphics processing acceleration technology which was announced a few weeks ago

At the time there was little information on it or on when it would land, but we now know it will arrive for the Honor 10 as a software update on July 30 (following a closed beta on July 15), with other Honor handsets getting it later.

We also now know that GPU Turbo apparently increases the efficiency of graphic processing by 60% and reduces the energy consumption of the SoC (system on a chip) by 30%.

Better graphics for longer

This combines to apparently dramatically improve the overall user experience when gaming, with Honor devices able to achieve ‘outstanding graphics quality’ when using GPU Turbo. The feature could also apparently benefit VR and AR applications.

Given its energy-saving credentials it presumably also extends your phone’s battery life while gaming, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Following the Honor 10, GPU Turbo will apparently land on other handsets such as the Honor View 10 and Honor 9 Lite, however no time frame has yet been given for them. Moving forwards, it sounds like this will become a standard feature on many Honor phones.

  • We don't expect the super-cheap Honor 7S will get this feature
James Rogerson

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