Pioneer unveils three Full HD home cinema system

Pioneer's new home cinema range now includes Blu-ray
Pioneer's new home cinema range now includes Blu-ray

You wait ages for an announcement by Pioneer and four come at once (there's speaker news to come folks).

It seems that Pioneer isn't content with updating its Blu-ray range, as its home cinema setups have been overhauled too. The new range is titled the LX01BD, LX03BD and LX03.

The LX01BD comes with two compact combined front/centre satellite speakers and two rear speakers. While the LX03BD and LX03 comes with a 'sound bar' called the Front Stage Surround function that sits directly alongside the TV for what Pioneer calls, "the most neat and elegant integration that frees up space and eliminates the potential issues related to running cables to the rear or your room."

Also included in the setup is a sub-woofer. In the case of the LX01BD, this is a subwoofer-receiver with dual-drive subs, which enables more powerful handling of lower frequencies. The LX03BD and LX03 comes with a compact, yet powerful A4 size down firing subwoofer with acrylic glossy black top.

Blu-ray capabilities

For the first time in Pioneer's history, the company offers Blu-ray capabilities to its home cinema system range.

The LX03BD and LX01BD both house the BDP-LX08 stand alone design Blu-ray Player. The LX03 makes do with a standard DVD player.

The LX03 and LX03BD home cinema systems will be available in October and the LX01BD will be available in November.

Marc Chacksfield

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