Imerge shows 'world's most advanced media server'

Imerge's media server
Imerge's media server

Imerge has announced what it is claiming as the 'world's most advanced media server' with the MS1-HD sporting an integral Blu-ray drive to offer a full HD experience.

Building on the well-received MS1, Cambridge-based Imerge has replaced the DVD with Blu-ray and allows users to store and play back their content from their Blu-ray discs in full 1080p.

The system uses iMerge's XiVa safe hard drive components to offer 'infinitely scalable' storage as the user's needs grow, with the flagship XiVaSafe iSCSI offering a whopping12 terabytes of data for your MS1-HD.

And that data can, as you would expect, include non-media files in a 'digital safe' delivering a networked back-up facility.

Imerge experience

"The 'Imerge experience' is all about unparalleled performance, functionality and simplicity, and as our flagship server component, the MS1-HD is the ultimate embodiment of our core values – a 'statement product' in the truest sense of the term," said Cameron Wade, CEO of Imerge .

"We now live in a high-definition world, and the MS1-HD delivers an incomparable multi-room entertainment experience across all types of media. Its range of features, exceptional flexibility, sound quality and HD video performance make it truly unique."

Prices for the start at £8,930 for the 2TB version and move upwards according to the amount of storage.