DVD piracy is on the rise, claims report

DVD piracy is on the up, claims report
DVD piracy is on the up, claims report

A new report into DVD piracy by Futuresource Consulting has found that the number of people copying studio-made DVDs is on the rise.

According to the study, 32 per cent of Americans who responded to Futuresource's questions (the amount of people asked was 8,000) admitted that they had ripped a copyright DVD at least once – up 10 per cent from 2007.

Share and share alike

Out of those people questioned, the ones who do make illegal copies on average don't just make one, or two, but three. Then 42 per cent of them pass them on to their mates who share in their illegal misgivings.

You can read more at Home Media magazine, where Macrovision, the ones who commissioned the report, have pointed out that of those ripping DVDs, only 5 per cent are actual, dedicated pirates.

Game-changing system

In other news, RealNetworks – which is currently in the courts over DVD piracy issues with its RealDVD software – has announced that it is to release a DVD ripper/player combi machine within the next few months.

Dubbed Facet, RealNetwork's CEO Rob Glaser sees the machine as "the successor to the current DVD player, a game-changing home entertainment system." Talk about adding fuel to an already contentious fire.

Via Home Media Magazine and Home Cinema Choice

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