Hisense’s all mini-LED TV lineup for 2023 is topped by its brightest set yet

Hisense ULED EX TV in CES tradeshow booth
(Image credit: Future)

Hisense’s sprawling booth at CES 2023 was packed with TVs – unlike some other brands, it had its full 2023 lineup on display, with detailed specs listed for each series. All sets should all be available in spring, which is the time that manufacturers typically start rolling out new TVs.

Last year saw Hisense introduce its first mini-LED models, the U8H series, which ended up on our list of the best 4K TVs owing to its great performance for the price. For 2023, the company will incorporate mini-LED backlighting throughout its full premium ULED (quantum dot) TV lineup, with prices starting at under $500 / £410 for a 50-inch model. Along with mini-LED backlighting, each series will use the Google TV smart interface and offer gaming-centric features including up to 144Hz refresh rate, VRR, ALLM, and FreeSync Premium Pro on all save the entry-level U6K. All sets will additionally support the Wi-Fi 6E standard for speedy streaming, along with both the Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ high dynamic range formats.

Something of interest for US viewers is built-in ATSC 3.0 tuners found throughout the full Hisense line. We expect to see more TVs coming out in 2023 capable of handling this next-gen TV broadcasting standard, which provides support for 4K video with HDR and Dolby Atmos audio, among other features. But of the new TVs announced at CES 2023, so far only LG has confirmed that its flagship G3 4K and Z3 8K models will have built-in ATSC 3.0 tuning capability.


The ULED X (shown at top) is Hisense’s flagship TV for 2023. Available only in an 85-inch screen size, its backlight comprises over 20,000 mini-LED modules. More than 5,000 local dimming zones and a 16-bit light control algorithm are used to enhance contrast and shadow detail, and peak brightness is specced at 2,500 nits. The ULED X also has an ultra low reflection screen and a 30% wider viewing angle than standard LED-backlit TVs – a first for a Hisense set, and something I could appreciate when viewing it in person at CES.

The limited edition ULED X has the most advanced built-in audio system to appear in a Hisense TV: 4.1.2 channels, with over 80 watts used to power the set’s seven speakers.

Hisense U8K TV in CES tradeshow booth

Hisense's new U8K series for 2023 provides twice the number of local dimming zones as 2022's U8H models. (Image credit: Future)

U8K Series 

Last year’s U8H series paved the way for Hisense’s expansion into mini-LED, and the new U8K models for 2023 double-down on that tech with over 1,000 local dimming zones. Peak brightness is listed as 1,500 nits, but if the super-bright U8H model we tested in 2022 is any indication, that will prove to be a conservative spec.

Available in screen sizes ranging from 55 up to 85 inches (last year’s U8H series topped out at 75 inches), U8K series TVs will feature an anti-glare, low reflection screen. A built-in 2.1.2 audio system with up-firing speakers is another new addition, making it possible to hear Dolby Atmos soundtracks without a separate soundbar. The U8H series also features IMAX Enhanced and Filmmaker picture modes – two other features found throughout the 2023 Hisense mini-LED TV line.

U7K Series 

Last year’s U7H series featured a standard LED backlight, but that has been fixed this year on the U7K series with mini-LED backlighting on all screen sizes and up to 500 local dimming zones with a specified 1,100 nits peak brightness. U7H series TVs will be available in 55- to 85-inch screen sizes. 

U6K Series 

Available in 50- to 85-inch screen sizes, the U6K series will be Hisense’s high-value quantum dot models. They will also be affordably priced for TVs with a mini-LED backlight, with the 50-inch version selling for under $500. The U6K series will offer many of the same features found higher up the Hisense TV line, with a main difference being a display panel limited to 200-plus local dimming zones and a 60Hz refresh rate. 

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