Here's when we'll learn more about those new Windows 10 VR headsets

Still thinking about the new Windows 10 VR headsets with a temptingly low starting price Microsoft teased at its Surface Studio event last week? 

So are we, and turns out it won't be much longer until we learn much more about them.  

The only real details we got at Microsoft's event, which saw the unveiling of the Surface Studio PC, Surface Book i7 and Surface Dial, was that the headsets would run a virtual Windows experience, come from key partners (see photo above) and have a low starting price of $299 (about £245, AU$295). 

But Alex Kipman, who runs HoloLens and other VR/AR experiences at Microsoft, tells Polygon more headset details, such as specs, will be announced during the WinHEC events in December.

Those are slated for December 8 - 9 and December 14 - 15 in Shenzhen, China and Taipei City, Taiwan, respectively. 

According to the firm's developer site, WinHEC will go over guidance on "building PCs optimized for a variety of Windows Holographic HMDs and content," so talking up the headsets the events makes perfect sense.   

Great ex-spec-tations

Though more details are due in December, Kipman did share the first batch of WinVR devices (can we call them that?) will be opaque, meaning they'll lack any transparency, much like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

The headsets will also have a "high field of view" and six degrees of freedom, allowing users to move in any direction. 

What's more, the same inside-out tracking tech found in HoloLens will be built into the headsets. Inside-out tracking uses cameras woven into a headset to follow user movements instead of relying on external cameras positioned around the environment. 

Disappointingly, these third-party headsets will need to be tethered to a computer in order to work, at least to start, though perhaps they'll break free as time goes on. 

We wouldn't be surprised to learn even more details about the headsets - including possible release dates - during CES 2017 in early January, so stay tuned for the latest on this cheaper batch of VR viewers. 

Michelle Fitzsimmons

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