Here's the first iOS 13.1 feature you may see after the iPhone 11 launch

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iOS 13.1 is already being worked on at Apple, and its first known feature appears to be the sought-after ability to visually recite song lyrics in the Apple Music app.

A lyrics visualizer is supposedly being included directly in the Now Playing screen of the Music app, 9to5Mac reports, and you won't need an iPhone 11 to get it.

This software perk would make it easier to see the lyrics to whatever song you're listening to right after you hear a line that you didn't understand, or perhaps before the next verse comes up as you sing along.

This information comes from a Reddit post in which a user shared a response said to be from Apple's SVP of software engineering Craig Federighi. In the post, Federighi explains that this has been a highly requested feature, but previously had a significant impact on iPhone battery life.

However, he adds that Apple has "figured out how to make it a less CPU intensive feature and should hopefully implement a toggle for this by the official release of iOS 13.1.

That new feature can definitely prove handy for music-loving iPhone owners, or perhaps even more-so for iPod touch 7 owners.

Possibilities for iMessage

The lyrics visualizer isn't the only feature Federighi has allegedly talked about recently. His response to another user was also posted on Reddit and shared through a tweet.

He was responding to a question about scheduling messages in iMessage. This is a useful feature in some communications platforms, as it allows users to prepare messages early that they may not want to send until a certain time or may not be able to send at a later date. 

Federighi's response was that iMessages scheduling has been a feature the company has continually considered implementing. However, he also listed a few complexities that have stood in the way, such as how to show unsent messages and whether to allow editing or deleting them.

Unlike the lyrics visualizer, though, Federighi made no mention of this feature coming in iOS 13.1. 

If you don't want to wait for new features like Dark Mode, you can always check out the how to get iOS 13 today.

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