LG upgrades Smart TV shows Smart Upgrade ST650

LG has announced the LG Smart Upgrade ST650 – which will bring LG's Smart TV content to any television that has an HDMi input.

Essentially a connected set-top box, the LG Smart Upgrade ST650 is an indication of the company's growing belief in connected televisions.

The company has indicated that 30 per cent of the televisions that it produces next year will be ready to connect to the internet, and it has rolled out its latest Smart TV platform with a new web browser and app store.

"Connected TV has also been announced as a key focus for LG in 2011, with 30 per cent of TVs next year delivering Smart TV technology," said LG.


"LG today presented a redesigned Smart TV platform, including a new web-browser and app store," the company added.

"The new platform promises to make internet TV easier than ever for sofa-surfers to navigate – especially with LG's magic motion remote control – and the web-browser enables consumers to access limitless content via their TV."

And if you aren't buying a Smart TV you could still take advantage of the technology if you have an HDMI connection on your television by getting hold of the LG Smart Upgrade.

"The new LG Smart Upgrade (ST650) offers consumers the opportunity to receive LG Smart TV content on any TV that has an HDMi input," added LG.

"The compact unit also provides Wi-Fi, DLNA and web browsing to ensure that all LG customers can experience the freedom and ease of connected TV."

Patrick Goss

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