Virgin Media unveils new HD V box

Virgin Media - HD to the fore
Virgin Media - HD to the fore

Virgin Media has unveiled its brand new V box, and it signals the company's move to HD for all of its customers at no extra cost.

The latest V box is a non-PVR option for Virgin Media's customers, with the replacement for the V+ PVR likely to coincide with the arrival of the TiVo software later in the year.

But the V box is a big stride forward for the company, signalling the growing HD offering of the company, and bringing a host of high definition channels for no extra monthly fee.

Cisco-made and 3D ready

The 3D-ready Cisco-made box includes HDMI, SCART, USB and Ethernet ports, and an energy efficient standby mode.

Virgin Media's executive director of digital entertainment, Cindy Rose, said: "We want to make the best High Definition TV available to more people at affordable prices and without the additional monthly subscription fee.

"If you really love telly you'll probably want our V+HD box because then you can then record programmes on up to two channels while simultaneously watching another.

V box - looks a bit like a modem

No extra fee

"Our new V HD Box is ideal for anyone who wants to experience the power of HD without the extra monthly fee," Rose added

"We think our superb range of TV content gives our customers a real choice and makes Virgin Media the best value TV offering available."

Customers can pre-register for the V HD Box and find out more about Virgin Media's HD products and services at:

TiVo partnership looming

With the TiVo partnership on the horizon, this is a box that makes it clear that Virgin is mounting a full scale assault on Sky.

An overt mention of '3D Ready' shows that Virgin Media is not dodging the 3D band-wagon, but it is the increasing relevance of HD to the audience that is made most clear.

Virgin Media has announced a raft of new HD channels this year, although it remains some way behind Sky's offering, but the cable company does have the added bonus of an ultra fast fibre-optic network that can offer superfast broadband.

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