Google tweaks its search results to show you more variety

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More changes are afoot on the world's most well-known search engine: Google says it's taking steps to stop multiple listings from the same site showing up in results.

The tweak is "designed to provide more site diversity in our results" Google says, with user feedback on the issue one of the main reasons for the new approach.

However, the sort of results you see will still differ depending on your query – in some situations, Google says it will continue to display several hits from the same place if they're "especially relevant" to what you're looking for.

Typically, though, you won't see more than two listings from the same site in the top search results on Google. The change is rolling out now.

No ranking changes

According to Google's Danny Sullivan, the change isn't going to affect the way that sites are ranked in Google – just how many results appear for a particular page.

Google is constantly modifying the way it ranks and displays pages on the web: another big update to its core algorithms is happening this month, though apparently this particular change is separate.

One of the more recent features added to the capabilities of the search engine is the option to order takeout food with the help of various third-party partners, though that's only available in select US cities for now.

Whether you're searching for food, celebrity facts or tech tutorials on Google, you should soon start seeing more variety in the list of hits that appear.

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