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Google Trips' final voyage will conclude on August 5

Image credit: Google
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You're well-served if you want apps for traveling, from apps made by airlines, train and bus companies to hold your reservations, to specific travel apps to help you navigate a city, and it seems Google has decided Google Trips wasn't competitive enough to be worthwhile.

According to a Google support page (opens in new tab), the company only plans to support the app for two more months, so Google Trips will close on August 5. After that, you won't be able to use the app, but you will until that date.

Google Trips was a travel-planning app that drew information like bookings and timings from your Gmail account, then let you plan an itinerary using information about the city you were visiting from Google Maps.

Google only introduced Google Trips in 2016, so it has not lasted a hugely long time, but after the company began introducing its features to other apps like Google Maps and Gmail, we knew Google Trips wouldn't be long for the world.

While many people found Google Trips a useful tool for planning holidays, it never became as big a sensation as Google's other apps, so it's no wonder that the company is streamlining its software offerings by moving Google Trips' features into other apps.

That doesn't mean we're not sad to see it go, though.

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