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Google Search results can now show you where to get tested for Covid-19

(Image credit: Future)

Google already tries to link you to as many useful online coronavirus resources as possible when you run a search related to Covid-19, but now there's a new tab on the results page – one for finding testing locations.

As The Verge points out, this is only available in the US for the time being, though it may eventually get rolled out to other regions. It partly depends on the source data that Google will be able to get access to in other countries.

If you're in the US, run a search for "Covid-19" or something related to it, and you'll see the special results page leap into action – on the left you'll see links for symptoms, preventions, treatments, and now testing too.

Follow the Testing link and you get a map of showing more than 2,000 testing locations across 43 states in the country. Note however that you may need to call ahead rather than just turn up (something which Google will remind you about).

Testing, testing

Google is also adding information from local health authorities and the CDC about testing, including details of when you need to get yourself tested and when you don't.

According to Google, only testing locations that have been cleared as okay to publish by local authorities are being shown at the moment. The number should increase over time as more centers get up and running.

As you would expect, the situation varies by location. "Covid-19 testing information comes from government agencies, public health departments, or directly from healthcare institutions," says Google in a support document.

Many other tech companies are playing their part in tackling the coronavirus outbreak. Apple has launched a Covid-19 screening tool for example, while both Apple and Google are working on track and trace technology that works on smartphones.