Google Pixel 4a looking likely to support 5G based on a network listing

Google Pixel 4
The Pixel 4 (above) doesn't support 5G, but the Pixel 4a might. (Image credit: Future)

It’s long been rumored that there might be a 5G version of the Google Pixel 4a, and now that’s looking ever more likely, as a mobile network appears to have listed just such a device.

Boom! Mobile is the network in question, and it’s a small MVNO (mobile virtual network operator – a type of network that relies on another network’s infrastructure) in the US. The network listed all the 5G phones it supports (as spotted by XDA Developers), and that list includes the ‘Google G025E’.

Now, the Google Pixel 4a isn’t mentioned by name, but that model number isn’t attached to any announced Google phone, but has previously been linked to the Pixel 4a, so that’s almost certainly what we’re looking at here.

Still not confirmed

It’s worth noting of course that while it’s not surprising that a mobile network would have information on the Google Pixel 4a ahead of launch, we also can’t take this as any sort of confirmation until we hear it from Google itself.

There’s also the question of whether all Google Pixel 4a models would support 5G, or whether that would be a specific 5G version.

However, we should find out soon, as the Google Pixel 4a is likely to launch before long, with the latest leak pointing to August 3.

It may have some serious competition when it does though, as at the time of writing OnePlus is just about to announce the OnePlus Nord – an affordable phone that we already know packs a quad-lens camera, 5G and more.

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