Get Incomedia WebSite X5 free – exclusively for TechRadar readers

Thinking of starting your own website? Incomedia is offering TechRadar readers the chance to download its brilliant WebSite X5 site-building software free.

WebSite X5 comes with a set of great-looking templates. Just pick the design you want (or choose a blank one), enter some basic information like your site title and category, then create your site map.

Once that's done, you're ready to start building your pages using WebSite X5’s straightforward site builder. Just drag an element (a text box, picture, HTML5 animation, media file or HTML snippet), then click the ‘Content’ button to edit it. 

WebSite X5 includes a rich text editor, plus a photo editing tool that lets you flip, rotate and apply filters to your images without leaving the program.

When you've finished, you can upload your site to the web via an FTP connection, save it to disk, or save the project file so you can edit it later. Don’t have your own web hosting? Don’t worry – there are free options available from services like  and x10Hosting.

More advanced features like shopping carts and blogs are available in WebSite X5 Evolution, but this exclusive free version has everything you need to get your first site up and running. Grab it today and get started.

Download Incomedia WebSite X5 free

Cat Ellis

Cat is the editor of TechRadar's sister site Advnture. She’s a UK Athletics qualified run leader, and in her spare time enjoys nothing more than lacing up her shoes and hitting the roads and trails (the muddier, the better)