Xbox One's latest update helps Achievement hunters and neat freaks

Xbox One February Update
Xbox One February Update

Game Hubs. The Activity Feed. Twitch broadcasts. Trending content. There's absolutely no shortage of ways to see what's new and hot on Xbox One.

But, there was always a problem: while the features sound good on paper, locating them on the dashboard and actually using them for their intended purpose was a bit of a headache.

The February update that's rolling out to Xbox One and Windows 10 starting today might just fix that.

First up is the Activity Feed. The latest update will inform you when there are new items in your feed, rather than having you guess which items you've seen before.

Similarly, Game Hubs will now display which of your friends are broadcasting to Twitch while the discovery of new online buddies will be made easier by the new "Suggested Friends" tab that will appear in the social section of the dashboard.

Coming to both Windows 10's Xbox app and Xbox One, the updated Trending section will show you videos, screenshots and achievements from friends and stars in the community like pro gamers and developers.

Xbox One February Update

Top of the Leaderboard

Besides the changes coming to the party system that we've known about for some time, the last major component of the February update is the restored Gamerscore leaderboard.

On it, you'll be able to see which of your friends currently ranks the highest in Microsoft's artificial (and highly addicting) point system, as well as see who has gained the most points over the last 30 days.

While Xbox One is getting its February update, on the other side of the console landscape Sony is currently accepting beta testers for its next big PS4 system software update.

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