Wii rules living room, 360 owns bedrooms

Nielsen's new study claims that the Wii dominates the lounge, while the Xbox 360 dominates the bedroom

The Wii rules our living rooms, while the 360 takes pride of place in gamer's bedrooms, according to Nielsen's latest annual report on gaming habits.

The new Nielsen survey claims that the Wii is found in 59 per cent of all US living rooms that have games consoles, while the PS3 is in 45 per cent and the Microsoft Xbox 360 is in 42 per cent.

Gaming on the patio

The Xbox 360 dominates gamers' bedrooms, however, with the console to be found in 28 per cent of all console-owning households, followed by the PS3 at 16 per cent and the Wii at 14 per cent.

"Today's video game consoles offer many entertainment options beyond gaming, including DVD/Blu-ray playback, Netflix, ESPN3, Pandora, Facebook and YouTube on some or all platforms," reads Nielsen's intro to the new survey.

"As part of understanding the potential audience for services like these across the entire family, it is important to think about the household location of gaming platforms."

10 per cent of console-owning households keep a console in the master bedroom and, somewhat weirdly, 1 per cent of them keep it on the patio!

Via NielsenWire