PS Vita can be used as PS4 controller - but only if devs say so

PS Vita - control yourself
PS Vita - control yourself

You will be able to use the PS Vita as a controller for PlayStation 4 games - but only if the game is specially coded to offer this functionality.

The PS Vita is proving to be central to the PS4 experience: it was a key element of Sony's announcement given that Remote Play means that all Sony-made games will stream through the handheld.

After a lot of speculation, a Sony spokesperson has now confirmed that it will also act as a controller, as long as developers agree to add the Vita know-how to their games . Which means you'll be able to use the Vita as a controller for some PS4 games, but not all.

Out of control

The news was confirmed by Shuhei Yoshida, whose illustrious title at Sony is: Sony Computer Entertainment President of Worldwide Studios. Or SCEPWS for short.

On Twitter, he revealed to user Super Tuber Eddie that the PS Vita wouldn't be a second controller "unless a game is specifically programmed to allow such use of PS Vita".

Until now, it had been rumoured that the PS Vita would act as a controller but nothing had been confirmed or denied by the company.

Given that additional support will be needed to turn the PS Vita into a controller, this does put a little bit of a dampener on the situation.

It's similar to what happened with Remote Play on the PS Vita via the PlayStation 3. This was a promised bit of added functionality but because it required extra coding by developers and an inevitable strain on software speed, it failed to take off.

The news that the Vita can be used as a PS4 controller is good but we can't imagine it being worth it unless devs make Wii U-like games that really take advantage of the Vita's screen.

If they can manage that, it could well give the PS4 a real advantage over its rival, the Xbox One.

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