Nintendo's new 3DS has come to Europe, but only for a select few

Nintendo 3DS Ambassador edition announced, but you can't buy it
Wanna be in my gang?

The Nintendo 3DS Ambassador edition is a way for folks into the EU to get hold of a new-style 3DS, but only rabid Nintendo fans get the privilege of buying one.

The new 3DS has only been released in Japan, Australia and New Zealand to date, but the Ambassador bundle offers gamers a chance to get hold of one as early as 23 January.

However, only real fans have the option to bag the £179.99/200 Euro bundle as you need to be invited to purchase one by Club Nintendo.

And much our chagrin, much of the TechRadar crew doesn't seem to have the cred to get on the list, even the ones who know their Professor Laytons from their Phoenix Wrights. Members need to "fulfil certain criteria" according to Nintendo. Exactly what that means remains a mystery.

What's the big deal?

The main attraction of the Ambassador bundle is getting the new 3DS early rather than getting a good deal, though.

It includes the console, a paltry 4GB memory card, some AR cards and Super Mario Smash Bros. Joystiq writes that this bundle is not strictly quite worth the asking price, but around £156.

Are Nintendo's most loyal fans getting stiffed? Sort of, but we imagine they won't mind. The bundle also comes with an exclusive set of plates for the outer part of the 3DS console, giving Nintendo fans premium bragging rights.

Changes made in the new 3DS include the addition of a second tiny analogue stick, improved battery life and Amiibo-enabling NFC.

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