ELSPA lists ways to keep kids quiet in car

Mario celebrating minutes before a Bullet Bill sent him plummeting to his death
Mario celebrating minutes before a Bullet Bill sent him plummeting to his death

In what amounts to the strangest list of the week, ELSPA has announced its top ten in-car games to keep the kids happy – mixing Nintendo DS games like Mario Kart with old skool classics like Hangman.

ELSPA – or the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association – asked a panel comprising gaming, parenting and travel experts from: The Guardian, The Independent,

The News of the World

, Radio 1,


, BA High Life and The AA – what games would keep the kids quiet.

I-Spy topped the list, although we have a sneaking suspicion that most kids would prefer iPod, but four computer games also made an appearance; hardly surprising considering who commissioned the panel.

The list was:

  1. I Spy
  2. Hangman
  3. Mario Kart on Nintendo DS
  4. Travel Monopoly from Parker
  5. Bomberman on Nintendo DS
  6. Travel Connect 4 from MB games
  7. Snap/playing cards
  8. 20 Questions
  9. Worms on Nintendo DS
  10. Lumines II on Sony PSP

Michael Rawlinson, ELSPA Director General, said: "Most parents need a helping hand when it comes to keeping the kids entertained in the car and ELSPA is happy to help.

"It's great that Mario Kart on Nintendo DS is the most popular handheld game for kids to play in the car," added Nintendo's UK General Manager David Yarnton, who appears not to have been told the selection was by a panel of adults and not voted for by kids.

"Mario has entertained generations of kids in the home so it's only natural that he gets to be one of the kings of the road as well!"

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