Corsair reckons its super-accurate gaming mouse is a sniper's dream

Corsair M65 PRO RGB

Corsair has revealed its new gaming mouse which is the most accurate the company has ever made.

The Corsair M65 PRO RGB optical mouse boasts a resolution of 12,000 dpi, the highest resolution the company has ever achieved – although there are gaming mice out there which exceed this (Razer's Diamondback mouse released last autumn hit 16,000 dpi, for example).

Interestingly, Corsair has included a dedicated sniper button, along with on-the-fly sensitivity switching so you can tone things down when you're zoomed in for that crucial headshot.

Indeed, this is a peripheral designed for professional gamers, benefiting from a durable and light aluminium chassis that makes it comfortable to use. There's even a 'weight tuning system' that allows the gamer to shift the centre of gravity of the mouse to their preference.

The M65 also makes use of a utility which is supposed to optimise the optical sensor based on the surface you're gaming on.

Sniping shenanigans

On the software side, the Corsair Utility Engine takes care of button configuration (there are eight buttons on the M65 in total), programming macros and customising the peripheral's backlighting.

The Corsair M65 PRO RGB is on sale now in black, at least in the US where it retails at $60 (around £42, or AU$78) not including tax, with the UK price still to be confirmed. The white version of the gaming mouse will be out at some point next month.

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