Xbox 360 Elite console selling out fast

The Elite is expected to eventually replace the other versions of the console

The Xbox 360 Elite console may have launched in the US yesterday , but it's proving to be rather hard to get hold of. Shoppers are experiencing problems finding the console on big retail websites, and it doesn't seem much easier in stores either.

The Elite has a black design and sports a 120GB hard drive and HDMI 1.2 cable. It went on sale in North America yesterday with a UK launch expected later on in the summer.

But it seems for the time being at least that stocks are going to be in short supply, possibly while Microsoft gauges the kind of interest the console is generating.

We checked on Amazon , Best Buy , Circuit City and other big sites, and very few of them actually have any Xbox 360 Elite consoles in stock. Some of them it seems haven't had any delivered at all from Microsoft yet.

Limited availability

We're told by colleagues in the US that the console is slightly easier to get hold of on the high street but stocks are not expected to last very long.

It's possible that the Elite is just the product that some people were looking for; those who wanted a PlayStation 3 but didn't want to pay all that money. Now they can get a console for a little bit cheaper, with features that are just as good.

James Rivington

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