New LED illuminated bathroom tiles tech

This is what your bathroom migth look like in ten years time, featuring moveable LED tiles!

If you were idly wondering what your bathroom might look like in ten years time, then these new LED illuminated bathroom tiles might well give you a better idea.

The Tile + Light concept has been created by Korean designer Hyomi Kim – the tiles are waterproof and snap together just like Lego, which sounds even more appealing if the new tile tech can also solve the eternal problem of messy and difficult traditional tiling and grouting work.

Non-static, moveable design

The LED tiles also look the part and we particularly like the 'non-static' tiles concept of being able to shift them around at will when you get bored with the current kitchen/bathroom configuration.

The snap-together tiles are to be made available in four different shapes. Let's just hope that they are 100% waterproof, as we wouldn't want any accidents involving water, electricity and humans would we?